What is a Tungsten Carbide Ring?

Tungsten Carbide Rings: The Allure of Value, Style, and Durability

Rings have always been the symbol of eternal commitment and in matters of the heart, shouldn’t your ring be as strong as your love and as durable as your vows?

Tungsten Carbide rings’ popularity has risen from its humble beginnings during World War II to become the most sought after material for wedding bands and designer jewelry. And for very good reasons…

Tungsten rings combine value and affordability with style and beauty. For those who believe the symbol of their love and commitment can be beautiful without breaking the bank.

Tungsten offers a wide variety of attractive styles and finishes including traditional silver, gold and the increasingly popular black or blue at common sense prices.

Tungsten rings are strong and durable. In fact, Tungsten is second only to diamonds in terms of strength. And before it made its way into jewelry stores, it was used for mining and in weapons production. And although you’ll probably never need to cut stone with your ring, the durability ensures a lifetime of care-free wear-ability free of those pot marks and scratches common to softer metals like gold and silver.

Tungsten Rings are perfect for those who work in any “high” hand contact industry and for those who want a lifetime of durability

Tungsten long-lasting brilliance is incredible. The materials only need a single polishing. So, no need to spend time or money polishing or cleaning your ring. It doesn’t fade, it’s resistant to the chemical build-up common to other metals that creates a dull dingy look. Whether you work all day with your hands or simply want a ring that will stand up to the everyday tasks, Tungsten provides superior brilliance that ensures your ring looks as good in the future as the first day you placed in on your finger.

Tungsten Rings are allergy-free. For those who can’t wear gold or nickel, tungsten is the perfect, beautiful hypoallergenic alternative.

Of course, when you make a ring from a material almost as strong as diamonds and with the durability to assist mining operations, you’re not going to be able to re-size it at will. Since most jewelers don’t yet have the tools necessary, it’s important to order the correct ring size the first time.

You can learn your ring size by visiting any local jeweler before ordering or you can save yourself a trip by using our ring sizing tool which is right here – http://hienquoc.findmyringsize.com/

And REMEMBER for an accurate sizing use only a desktop or laptop PC or Mac as sizing on mobile devices will NOT be accurate.

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