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Cause a good driver is always prepared…

Disaster strikes… and guess what? You are in your car. Unfortunate, right?
Truth is, you don’t when a disaster is going to happen so you have to be prepared wherever you are every-single-time.

We often prepare for home emergency kits – which is great- but car emergency kits belong to the category of things we don’t think about that much until it is too late. God forbid but what if you get stranded in a really remote area? Or a storm comes? How about an earthquake? Are you ready? Remember that even if you have a roadside assistance plan, it’s still important to have a car emergency kit as it would help you survive until help arrives.

Sure, you can purchase one in a store but to make sure you have everything you will need, it’s better to create your own. Here’s a list of some of the most important things you should have in your car emergency kit. We may have missed something but at least, you get an idea of what you should have. You may also click on the picture to see where you can buy one.



This should be one of your top priorities especially if you get stuck in a remote place – maintain hydration. Make sure you have a water bottle (of course with water!) ready whenever you leave home.



Choose MRE (Meal ready to eat) or Energy and protein bars. They are lightweight and are high in calories.




Be sure to pack a rechargeable flashlight, matches, and emergency candles. Fire is very important as it will give you warmth, will provide light, and will provide a way to signal for help.



This is something that I’m sure you have with you all of the time but it’s better to be always prepared. You may keep a fully charged old cellphone in your car. No extra phone? Get a cheap prepaid phone. Don’t forget to bring a charger – much better if it’s a solar charger.



This will help keep you warm in an emergency. You may also keep a sleeping bag if you’re going on a long drive during winter.



Choose a model that solar or battery-powered.



If power goes out, you can’t use your credit card. Keep some tucked away in your car to use for gas, food, water, etc.



It works much better than shouting for help.



Alcohol, disinfecting wipes, band aids, antiseptics, aspirin, gauze pads, bandana.



This is one of your best friends during emergency situations.



There you have it! As I’ve mentioned above, we may have missed something so feel free to do your own research or add items you think are important to you. Have fun preparing your car emergency kit!

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