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Survival Mistakes that could probably kill you.

Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

All prepper sites have talked about almost everything there is to know about prepping. From different survival skills you should have, how to prepare an emergency kit, how to create bug out plans, which type of firearms to have, and the list goes on. It’s true, all of these are very important and would definitely help save your life when disaster strikes. Most of these sites talk about WHAT TO DO when SHTF. Do you think it would be a great idea if we talk about what NOT TO DO? Here are mistakes we should avoid making when disaster strikes.



So, you have spent enough time practicing your survival skills, and  you have a complete emergency kit ready with everything you need then disaster strikes.  Now, what will you and your family do? Where do you go? Where do you meet them in case you’re not together? Having a concrete, solid plan is very important in times like this.  No matter how complete your gears are, you won’t survive if you don’t have a plan. What if Plan A didn’t work? Then proceed with plans B, C, D, and E.


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