Wristwatch Flashlight with Compass

$39.95 $79.90


This waterproof, rechargeable, digital Wristwatch Flashlight with Compass is what could be actually considered
as a real wristwatch flashlight. Instead of some weak light up feature, it has a dedicated 120LM LED light! It
is also strong enough to blind attackers. Having your flashlight on your wrist provides you instant access with
a flick of a switch, as well as the advantage of having a free hand. This is a must-have in your EDC. Perfect to
have when spending some time in the great outdoors, during an emergency, or when SHTF. A bonus detachable
compass is even included.

Built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity: 800mA
Battery life: 160-800 minutes
Charging time: 45 minutes
Item size: 24.0cm*5.8cm* 2.0cm / 9.4inch*2.3inch*0.8inch (L * W * H)
Item weight: 54.0g / 1.9oz
Total size: 15.5cm*11.0cm*4.2cm / 6.1inch*4.3inch*1.7inch (L * W * H)
Total weight: 106.0g /3.7oz