Slim First Aid Kit 35-Piece Set

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It pays to be prepared for handling unexpected emergencies, so never leave your home without this
Slim First Aid Kit 35-Piece Set! Make it a mainstay not just in your EDC bag, but also in your car,
camping gear, and bug out bag. It's so slim that it might even fit in a wide enough pocket. It also
saves up a lot of weight and space. But just because it's slim doesn't mean it's lacking contents,
as it contains 12 types of first-aid necessities for a total of 35 items!

1. Red Bag
2. Scissors
3. Tweezers
4. Latex tourniquet
5. Triangular bandage
6. Non-woven Tape
7. Elastic bandages
8. Safety pins x2
9. Gauze Pad x2
10. Povidone-Iodine prep pad x4
11. Alcohol prep pad x10
12. Band-aid x10

Size: 19cm * 13.5cm (Approximately)