Slash Resistant Glove



There is always a risk of hurting yourself whenever you are using knives and other bladed tools, but this Slash Resistant Glove protects your hand from such accidents! This Slash Resistant Glove is covered with a layer of flexible stainless steel wire material similar to a chain mail, ensuring your hands are shielded from scratches and cuts. Wearing it also doesn't feel odd and is actually quite comfortable thanks to the durable yet comfortable cotton layer inside. It is also adjustable and it could be worn with either your right or left hand. Please take note that it isn't a pair and it is recommended to order another should you need this Slash Resistant Glove for both hands.

Total length: 25CM / 9.84 inch
Length of the middle finger:9cm / 3.54 inch
Palm width about: 10cm/ 3.94 inch