Portable Water Filter with Pack



Gain access to clean and safe drinking water as long as there is water around with this Portable Water Filter! Using medical-grade 0.1-micron ultrafiltration membranes for the filter, this ensures to filter out most harmful and pathogenic bacteria. While it could be used to drink directly from the water source, it could also be attached to a faucet, water bottle, plastic bag, and is even Hydration Pack compatible. So as a bonus, a Hydration pack is also included! Ideal to have for survivalists, in the event of an emergency, or staying in a remote area. Clean water backwashing could further extend the filter's lifespan. It doesn't require any batteries and is small enough you'll spare yourself the trouble of carrying some bulky apparatus.


Material: ABS, medical grade UF, and Silicone

Filtration Capacity: 2000L

Water flow: 0.6L/min


Hydration Pack:

Volume: 2L

Material: PEVA, Silicone