Multifunction Cutlery Card

$10.99 $21.98


Make this Multifunction Cutlery Card a mainstay in your wallet! Slim, compact, and lightweight, this Multifunction Cutlery Card provide 6 useful tools that could really come in handy should the need arise:

1. Fork - separate from the knife so you could dine on that steak with no problem. Also, provides a better option than having to eat by hand from a can.
2. Fruit Knife - sharp enough to cut fruit, steak, rope, or even serve as an emergency weapon.
3. Saw - the serrated blade of the knife could function as such.
4. Bottle Opener - attached to the knife. Dying to drink that bottle of beer? Opening bottles is a dilemma that is
frequently encountered, which explains why a lot of EDC tools have this feature.
5. Hex Wrench - attached to the knife. Comes in 3 sizes. A must have when fixing or when dismantling stuff.
6. Ruler - located on the sides of the card casing. Comes in both Inches and CM.

This Multifunction Cutlery Card comes in 3 colors to choose from for the card casing: your choice of Black, Red, or Blue.