Large Pill Fob

$20.95 $41.90


You've most likely heard about Pill Fobs. Chances are, you might even own one. Pill fobs appear to be becoming popular recently, though pill fobs happen to be small since they are really meant for safekeeping pills mainly. But what if you need a similar container since you are planning on keeping something larger than matches and fishing hooks? Then this 6061 special aluminum alloy Large Pill Fob is what you need! It's just like your usual durable and waterproof pill fob, but thrice the size! Now you could store more or larger items with you. It could even be used as a water canteen. Available in 3 colors.

Total length: about 135MM/ 5.31in, outer diameter: about 30MM/ 1.18in, inner diameter: about 28.5MM/ 1.12in
Net weight: about 79g