Hydration Pack

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One can't stress enough how important water is, regardless of the scenario. Having a hydration pack is essential in a post-apocalyptic scenario, especially when you are required to move from one place to another. A hydration pack takes off some of that extra weight and space as opposed to a typical water container, especially when it becomes empty as it could be folded to be refilled later on. Being virtually hands-free also saves the potential risk of being attacked or losing that bottle cap. This military-grade hydration pack could hold up to 2 liters of water, which should be sufficient enough for the average person to last when traveling from one point to another until you replenish your supplies. It is mainly made of thermoplastic polyurethane material, which guarantees durability during your rough journey. Aside from survivalists and soldiers, it is also ideal to have for hikers, campers, and even for sports such as biking and jogging.

Capacity: 2 liters
Measurements: 36 cm x 17.5 cm
Weight when empty: 0.05kg