Foldable Water Carrier

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Even in a not post-apocalyptic scenario, water is so essential that one could last around 3 weeks without food, but not for more than a week without water. You might be taking them for granted since you have easy access to water right now, but stocking up on them is a must when SHTF, or surviving in the wilderness or other harsh environments. Carrying around bulky water containers could get in the way, but not when you have something like this Foldable Water Carrier. Think of it as something like those inflatable life donuts you carry around when going on a trip to the beach. And speaking of that, this is ideal for picnics and camping, and not just when moving around during SHTF scenarios. Made of food-grade PE Material. Comes in 5 Liters and 10 Liters.


Temperature range: 0°C to 80°C
5L: Approx. 32.7cm x 30.5cm/ 12.87 x 12.01 (unfolded without water)
10L: Approx. 15.2 x 16.4 inch/38.5 x 41.7cm (unfolded without water)