Car Emergency Escape Keychain

$10.99 $21.98


Make sure your car keys always have this Car Emergency Escape Keychain! This little keychain could actually save your life when you are in a pinch inside your car or any vehicle! Accidents happen and no one knows where or when, with vehicular accidents being one of the most common. Whether you are trapped in a watery ditch, a burning vehicle, or even a hostage situation inside a bus, this Car Emergency Escape Keychain has the following functions that could help you save yourself:

1. Spring-loaded Hammer: to use, remove the cap, place firmly against the window, then press the button until it clicks. Since it is strong enough to break glass, it should be pretty obvious to avoid activating it against your own body. This could help you get out of a vehicle in the event that you are trapped inside, or even get in your car ASAP in situations like someone is after your life.
2. Seat Belt Cutter: in the event that you need to get out ASAP and your seat belt happens to be entangled or stuck for whatever reason. 
3. Built-in Whistle: when you are trapped inside and the only option left is to call for help, the whistle is loud enough to grab the attention of rescuers. A whistle is also useful in the event that you couldn't yell.

Made of ABS plastic and Nickel-Chrome Alloy Steel, this Car Emergency Escape Keychain comes in 6 colors to choose from: Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, and Green.