Product Review: DIETRINE Carb Blocker

Yes, carbs is the culprit!

Pizza, pasta, bread, potatoes, cakes, cookies. At least one or two (or maybe all!) of these foods I mentioned is probably your favorite. Nu-uh, don’t tell me you didn’t steal that last slice of pizza!😊 Well, the problem with these is that they’re all made up of carbohydrates. So what, right? It’s a good energy source and we all need carbs to function properly. That’s right. But let me tell you something. You remember the time when you planned to wear your favorite skinny jeans for a weekend hangout with friends but ended up wearing baggy pants because it wouldn’t fit? Or the time when you went out on a date with your crush wearing that sexy little black dress of yours with a bulging tummy? Right, that’s what carbohydrates do to your body if your metabolism is slow OR if you don’t exercise. It-turns-into-FATS. You may be really busy and don’t have time to work out so what you do is stick to a low carb or even carb free diet which is sooooo hard, I know! What’s gonna happen now to your weekly movie and pizza night? Or your favorite PB & J sandwich for breakfast? Well guess what? I may have just found the perfect solution for you! There’s no need for you to give up your pizza and pasta addiction because of this 100% all natural carb blocker! Curious? I’ll explain it to you in detail below.

DIETRINE is one of the most popular supplements that aid in weight loss by helping decrease carbohydrate absorption. If you’re not that familiar with the digestive process, let me refresh your memory. During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates into sugar. The body does this by digesting the carbohydrate molecule with an enzyme called alpha-amylase. When converted to sugar, only two things will happen. It’s either you burn it off through exercise or it will be stored as STUBBORN fat if not used by the body and that leads to weight gain. Now, what DIETRINE does is it prevents those carbs that you eat from turning into glucose(sugar) and fat and being absorbed by your body.

How is that possible? This product contains Phase 2™ or phaseolamin 2250 which is a natural ingredient derived from white kidney bean that functions as a neutralizer to the digestive enzyme – alpha amylase. In short, it prevents carbs from being broken down into sugar and getting absorbed into your body. If they don’t get broken down they will pass through your body without getting converted into fat. Cool, isn’t it?

What I like about this is that Dietrine has no known side effects since it does not contain any harmful ingredients and is clinically proven. You may do your own research if you’d like to find out more about this product.

Just a friendly reminder, Dietrine is a dietary supplement and just like any other supplement in the market, it works best with regular diet and exercise. Taking a carb blocker doesn’t mean you can eat all the carbs in the world okay? Still,everything in moderation.

If you’d like to go ahead buy this product and start your weight loss journey, you may click on the link below.


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