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What are Tungsten Carbide Rings

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What if you could own a ring that could take any and all punishment you can throw at it? What kind of ring could stay as eternally beautiful and youthful as the day you bought it? The answer are Tungsten Rings.

Pure tungsten by itself is a gun-grey metal commonly found in the earth's crust- at around 1/20th oz per rock tonnage. Tungsten Carbide is a man-made heavy metal which combines tungsten with the other elements, forming a super-strong material that's highly durable and scratch-resistant. Combine it with specialized nickel binders and you have the makings of nigh-indestructible jewelry pieces, especially rings.

Friendsofirony.com offers one time replacement on your tungsten carbide rings for free. If the ring doesn't fit, or if you need new ring sizes, simply contact us and get one free size exchanges, with handling and shipping options.

Tungsten rings aren't like the usual gold, platinum and palladium rings in that it doesn't get scratched, dent or easily bent. Tungsten Carbide beats them out in almost every aspect- durability, quality, elegance and undeniable style. It's the perfect symbol for your undying love and commitment when you present it as a gift.

The Difference Between Tungsten Carbide and Tungsten Rings

Harvested tungsten is by itself very brittle and hard to work with. Manufacturers found a way to grind tungsten into fine powder, then mixing and compressing it with various elements and carbon, thus forming tungsten carbide. As a result, you get a scratch-proof ring that's lustrous and stylish. The only way to scratch this superb element is to use one of the hardest substances on earth- diamond!

Friends of Irony provides a 30 day money back guarantee to make sure you are happy with our tungsten carbide rings when you buy them on our website.

Our quality rings do not contain cheap cobalt which diminishes the value and aesthetic beauty of tungsten rings as a whole. Cobalt has the potential to react with your skin and sweat as you wear the rings daily, which can cause a dull grey discoloration on the ring and an ugly green or brown stain on your fingers. We assure you our tungsten rings are 100% cobalt-free!

How To Care For Your Tungsten Ring

Though your tungsten carbide rings can withstand most everyday wear and tear, they cannot withstand an overwhelming force. Don't intentionally strike your ring onto a hard surface, nor bang it with a heavy hammer using full force. Tungsten is a hardy element that cannot bend, but it can shatter with pressure.

Don't use chemicals such as chlorine, bleach or ammonia when cleaning out your rings, as it can cause spotting. Instead, use simple soap and lukewarm water to keep it looking exquisite as the day you bought it.

How To Remove Your Tungsten Carbide Ring In An Emergency

In cases where you need to remove your tungsten ring from your finger, don't fret. Look for a standard vice grip, then insert your finger with the ring attached. Adjust the grips on the vice slowly until you hear an audible crack. Turn the tungsten ring about a quarter turn, then repeat the process or until the ring has broken off your finger.

Don't forcefully try to slide the cracked ring out of your finger. Precious built-in inlays such as silver, gold, palladium or platinum engravings may be cut or broken in the process. Removing the ring should take about half a minute and emergency personnel should be equipped and knowledgeable about using these removal devices.

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