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Designer Tungsten Carbide rings can be more than just a fashion statement. It can serve a higher purpose, an element in a fulfilling duty to protect your loved ones and the people you care for. These special rings can be a profound symbol of trust, of unity and an icon of protection. We'll show you how you can get one for FREE if you keep reading. 

Remember the San Bernardino terrorist attack? That mass shooting was more real to me than any other mass shooting that has happened in California, or anywhere in the US for that matter. The location was far too close for comfort- it was where I, my lovely wife and daughter lived close nearby. The moment the news flashed in our TV, I was in a daze, overwhelmed with a feeling of dread and fear for our lives. The shooting in itself wasn't resolved quickly- the terrorists Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook were able to move before they were tracked down by the police.

What if the terrorists started entering homes and shooting the people inside? What if the homemade bombs went off, and hurt the surrounding area? Imagine the thoughts running into my head as I watched the story unfold. As a father and a responsible citizen, I wanted to take an active role in defending my country and family not only from terrorism, but from all sorts of violence. There actually wasn't anything I could do much during that incident, primarily because I wasn't that familiar with self-defense techniques and didn't own a CCW (conceal carry weapon) then. Like many others, I could only hope and pray that no harm will befall my loved ones, and that the law would be swift and decisive in taking down the perpetrators.

I, Hien Quoc wasn't about to take all of these mass shootings lying down. I hate feeling helpless and leaving things to chance, so I started learning all I could about weapons I can use to defend myself with. I think that the current gun control laws hamper the people instead of protecting them, because I believe that one way we can deter an attack is to not appear helpless as sheep. Would a potential suspect still carry out terrorism if they knew that there are armed policemen and citizens nearby? I don't think so. I believe they will pause for a moment, think twice about doing their senseless acts of violence, and most likely abandon it altogether. A united front of community can withstand such an attack and even successfully stop it before the terrorist's plan can come to fruition.

So then the idea of selling Designer Tungsten Carbide rings came to mind one day as I was thinking of how to help the community against such a ruthless act. How do you unite a group of people with similar interests in serving people who need them the most? How can you identify such a group just by looking at them?

Instead of masks, flags, markings or anything else that would identify certain individuals in a group, why not rings? More importantly, why not use customizable rings that are scratch-proof and almost indestructible? My mind started looking for alternatives from which to draw upon. I did some research, talked with colleagues and visited metal shops to find the answer I was looking for. The answer it seemed, was tungsten carbide.

So we're giving away a Silver Tungsten ISIS Hunter Ring Every Week.

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Friends of Irony started being an e-commerce store that provided unique gifts for its visitors. It has evolved to something greater. Now, Friends of Irony can be used to bring together like-minded people who want to actively take part in the prevention of terrorist acts in their country. Visitors can browse on the available tungsten carbide rings and pick out the one they want, then have it customized according to their chosen insignia. You can buy multiple designer rings from which to stand behind on, like a secret community for doing good and for identifying each other with. In this way, you'll know which people to trust and which ones have the same values they wish to uphold.

The idea proved to be a huge success within our community. As soon as I presented the idea of designer tungsten carbide rings, people were proactively supporting the idea and the purpose behind it. Having something to identify with gives us a primary sense of purpose, a showing of pride that we are the good guys that will be there to protect the citizens when help isn't immediately available. Word quickly went out that there was a group that had a common cause, with a custom-made ring to show for it. Then, something surprising happened. I received emails stating how great it would be if I could design some more tungsten carbide rings for other groups of people, an accessory they could wear when the shift is over and when they're not in uniform anymore. Could I design a banner from which they could identify themselves and their cause with?

Friends of Irony started producing similar designer Tungsten Carbide rings for groups such as nurses, private groups, firefighters and other civil servants who wanted people to know they could be counted on in times of crisis. The common link between people finally had something solid, in the form of rings. You can easily see a member of the group this way. The logo itself can transcend the group and become an icon of hope, of help and of a duty to protect the helpless and the needy. The rings can provide a much-needed structure in the forming of the community, and it did.

As of today, designer tungsten carbide rings are a symbol of unity, a call to action in the stand against terrorism. People can wear it in an act of defiance against those who wish to cause harm and commit senseless acts of violence upon a peaceful community. The logo is a proclamation of courage, a statement that says "We are not afraid". The people are united in spirit and the cause is clear to them. With the rings, they can stand up against terrorism because they know that there are many others like them. The brave will lead as they wear the rings, and the people will follow in the steps and not be scared of the worries and violence they might encounter.

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