About Us

Friends of Irony's Wolf Pack - Protecting Families by Protecting the Pack is a community dedicated to educating, training, and helping fathers and mothers to protect their familes and be financially able to stay home with their children. 

Divorce is a pandemic and its a problem that I believe would be solved if parents were able to stay together and stay home with their children and instill values, memories, and deep relationships with their children. 

A lot of us including myself didn't grow up in great families and there are a lot of broken families everywhere. This brokeness perpetuates from generation from generation. Children turn to gangs, drugs, premarital relationships and among other things to fill the void.

I"ve made it my mission to help families in our wolf pack community to protect their families financially, physically, and emotionally. 

The core pilliars we build are:

  1. Finances through building digital assets
  2. Marriage relationships and communication
  3. Spritual Faith and Hope
  4. Self Defense from Perpertrators
  5. Survival from Economic Collapse

Finances is the heart of every family and the cause of money fights that are never ending. The way this world is set up is not setup for us to succeed trading time for money. You've already noticed when it seems we're getting penalized or taxed more for working overtime. 

Marriage communication is a huge problem when we don't understand our spouses perspectives. We're communicating on different pages and totally misunderstand each other. When you've mastered the perspectives exercise. You'll be communicating on the same page. 

Spirtual Faith and Hope is the root of the marriage communication problem. Handling our commuincation is just a bandaid on the problem. It's a great tool but over time you'll get exhausted handling problem after problem when you could solve the root of the problem once and for all through spritual foundations. 

Protecting our families from the evil of this world when it happens. We sit around waiting for the cops to come, we train and improve on ourself to protect our loved ones if any of them are in any immediate threat of any evil person. 

Our economy is hanging by it's 20 Trillion debt ceiling as of this writing in 2017. We all can do math and we understand its a matter of when. A lot of families will be hurt badly during this crisis if we aren't prepared. We cover this through education and then providing solutions for you to decide what is best for your family. Grub, Guns, Ground, Gold, Gasoline, are the 5 G's to be prepared with. Also, add Crytpo currencies and Silver to today's time. 

We look forward to serving you in our Wolf Pack VIP Group. There's a free gift we offer for joining. 

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