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    Best Hair Removal Cream!

    A smooth, flawless and hair free skin is what a lot of women are trying to achieve. It’s like a goal in life. A dream waiting to be realized. LOL Kidding aside, I’m sure a lot of women agree that getting rid of this stubborn hair can be stressful and not to mention, expensive. Shaving […]

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    How to increase breast milk production.

    How to increase breast milk production. Being a new mom is both scary and exciting at the same time. You’re excited and very happy to see your new bundle of joy. On the other hand, it may also scare you a bit because you don’t know what to do or what to expect. One of […]

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    PRODUCT REVIEW: Creatine Monohydrate by Muscle Advance

    When you spend a lot of time at the gym doing strength and resistance training, you expect to see great results. But let’s face it, sometimes hard work just isn’t enough to get the muscle gain we want and that ripped look. That is the reason why a lot of athletes and bodybuilders take supplements. […]

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    San Bernardino School Shooting: Man Kills Wife Then Himself; 1 of 2 Students Wounded Has Died | KTLA

    After being admitted onto the campus of North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, a 53-year-old Riverside man went to his estranged wife’s special education classroom and opened fire Monday, fatally shooting her and striking two students before killing himself, police said. Children are evacuated from North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino after a […]

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    Holsters for HER

    Skinny jeans, short shorts, sexy dress, and a skimpy skirt. These are some of the reasons why getting just ONE holster (for women) is a mortal sin. That is because we always consider comfortability, reliability and of course, style! Don’t feel guilty. Just like what they say, it’s called self defense with fashion sense. Below […]

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    In gun-taboo China, tourism to U.S. firing ranges grows

    BEIJING – Dickson Wong, a marksman with a deep interest in firearms, arranges tours for groups of other Chinese gun enthusiasts to travel to DeSoto County, Fla., so they can shoot at firing ranges. That’s a long way to travel for target practice, but its exceedingly difficult to do that here in China where the […]

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    Disaster strikes… and guess what? You are in your car. Unfortunate, right? Truth is, you don’t when a disaster is going to happen so you have to be prepared wherever you are every-single-time. We often prepare for home emergency kits – which is great- but car emergency kits belong to the category of things we […]

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    Earthquake Preparedness

    Among the different natural disasters, EARTHQUAKES are probably one of the scariest as it is also one of the most unpredictable. So how do you survive a major earthquake? The answer to this question is critical most especially if you live in an area near a fault line like the San Andreas Fault. If you have […]