Holsters for HER

Skinny jeans, short shorts, sexy dress, and a skimpy skirt. These are some of the reasons why getting just ONE holster (for women) is a mortal sin. That is because we always consider comfortability, reliability and of course, style! Don’t feel guilty. Just like what they say, it’s called self defense with fashion sense.

Below are some options for holsters that you can choose from. Pick which ones you like depending on your style or outfit and one that can accomplish the greatest amount of versatility when it comes to your clothing options! Click on the pictures to see how much the current price for each item is on Amazon!



This is one of the most versatile holsters because they can be worn in a number of positions without printing. You may also wear it high on the abdomen or low on the waist. This is perfect, most especially if you are wearing a shirt that is not too fit. This is also ideal because the firearm is easily accessible to draw quickly.



This one is indeed one of the most unique and most controversial holsters available. It attaches to the middle of the bra, holding the gun between the breasts. This allows a woman to carry a gun without needing to always consider the way she dresses because it usually works with any type of outfit. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure the firearm does not shift.



This is a must have for women who prefers wearing skirts and dresses as they are designed to hold the firearm on the thigh. This offer high concealability and is recommended for smaller and lighter guns to avoid the holster from sliding down.



This is less popular because it may be very difficult to draw firearm most especially if you are running from an attacker. However, this is quite common with law enforcement officers for carrying a back up firearm.



This provides easy access even when sitting and good concealability. Just like the thigh holster, it works best with smaller guns since bigger ones may create a bulge.



Aside from the fact that it is very elegant looking. This, for sure was designed with practical use and fashion in mind.



This is another popular choice for women. These are designed for the purpose of carrying a firearm as they have features built into it for safety.

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