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How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

I never thought that there would be a time that I will finally have celebrity-like, sparkling white teeth. I really thought that I was doomed to live my life with unsightly yellow teeth, and will never have the good fortune to have a wickedly expensive treatment to turn my ugly chompers into pearly whites that would be noticed by everyone I meet. Until I stumbled upon a product from a website that would change my for the better, forever.

You see, I am a perpetual chain-smoker of fine tobaccos by choice. With the massive amount of stress that I get, day in and day out from home, from work and from the nature of my profession, my only respite and relaxation comes from constant chewing and huffing of cigarettes and tobacco. The nicotine in tobacco soothes my nerves after each meeting, after each meal, and before turning in for the night. I noticed years before that my teeth started turning a bit yellowish in hue and black stains was starting to appear on my front teeth. I didn't stop, even when my friends, coworkers and family admonished me of my vice. Smoking tobacco and cigarettes is my thing, I tell them. Its my life, and I am not stopping anytime soon.

But every time that topic comes up, they always comment on how my teeth turns them off. I noticed as the months went by, my buddies from work and outside work became more and more distant. I thought it was no big deal, until one day I found myself sad and alone, staring in front of the television on a Friday night, of all nights! That was when I hit rock-bottom and told myself that I needed to change. I asked for help from my closest friends on how to quit smoking and how to get rid of yellow teeth.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris, a product reviewer from Friendsofirony.com, and I write here for you today in hopes of helping those who think there is no hope for people with yellow, or even those with brown stains on your teeth, abused by years of smoking and drinking. One day, I was chatting with a new acquaintance, Mark, who told me how he remove brown coffee stains from his teeth, had told me I could get a whiter teeth, at Alta White Teeth Whitening. I decided to try it out and wrote about my progress in a journal. Written here are the amazingly spectacular results:

Day 1

Had a little talk with Mark, the new employee over at our company. He immediately notices my yellowing teeth and asks me about it. He told me of an excellent website that can show me how to get rid of yellow teeth. I thought I had nothing else to lose, so why not? I opened a browser and directed it to http://www.altawhite.com/. I filled up the order form, had it expressed in 1 to 2 days, impressed by the website's promise to cure my condition. Can't help but feel a little hopeful and excited.

Day 2

Package arrived in just one day! how nice. I tear open the box and finally see the teeth whitening product. Read the label thoroughly so I would know what to do over the next few days. My heart has never been so fast in realizing that I could have whiter teeth that will bring back my confidence. I applied it, and was done in just seconds. I am having second doubts- can this really work?

Day 3

Woke up in the morning, and behold! I was just as surprised when brushing my teeth. The old stains were gone, and I could see my teeth's natural enamel color. I couldn't believe my eyes, and spent the day answering amazed clients and friends alike on how my teeth changed for the better. This spectacular improvement in just one day! I decided to faithfully use this product until its promise of whiter and brighter teeth have been fulfilled.

Day 6

Oh my gosh, the product really does work wonders and miracles. My teeth has never looked so polished and clean before, and I was almost late for work because I admired my teeth too much in front of the mirror. The telltale plaque that is the result of excessive smoking is coming off, and being replaced by a friendly set of chompers. My life has definitely changed for the better, and this new lease on life has restored my self-esteem and confidence to the max. I can now proceed to achieving success while being fully self-assured when meeting new friends and clients at work. My dream is ultimately fulfilled: I have a celebrity smile that works like a charm!

Alta White is worth the price you pay. It starts with $39.95 for a 1 month supply, but if you order two you get one free for a $26.63 each. If you decide to get their best value buying 3 you get 2 free for $23.97 each. You might want to partner up with a buddy who also wants to whiten their teeth to get the best deal! 

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