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USMC Tungsten Ring Story

USMC Tungsten Ring Story

Matt and I met at a Grand Canyon tour sometime around August, about three years ago. Thinking about it now, I would never have guessed that fateful encounter would lead to one of the best relationships I ever had!

Hi, my name is Lucy. I'm writing about this because I love to tell a story, one that includes love and USMC rings, made of tungsten carbide.

Hear me out. Imagine a typical United States Marine Corps guy- brash, musclebound and loud. Matt is the complete opposite. You wouldn't think he'd be part of an elite navy force by his appearance and mannerisms. He's quiet, confident, and has a shy smile that has a subtle charm. He's also one who has quite the appetite for adventure, like me.

The Grand Canyon tour was number 3 in my to-do adventure list. I met Matt, and things got off from there. He was a wonderful to talk to, and we shared a burning passion for going on exciting outdoor experiences. We exchanged numbers, and pretty soon, he was calling me often. He had a thought- how about going out with me and traipsing around the world?

I said yes, and boy, what a magnificent ride it was! We dove off Philippine's world-famous Apo Reef and saw native manta rays, turtles and wandering sharks. We climbed up Tanzania's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro and had a breathtaking view of the surrounding flora and fauna. We visited Paris and the many attractions it offered- The Louvre, Notre Dame and of course, the Eiffel Tower. We dined in with the best view in town and simply savored the sights.

As much as we loved being with each other and doing all those crazy stuff, work beckons, and he had for a two-year campaign offshore. Matt is sensitive, kind, considerate- the consummate gentleman. I admired his inner strength, his gentleness, and easygoing attitude. It was hard to say goodbye, even for the time being. We made good to see each other and keep it touch via internet and video calls.

I was looking around on e-store sites for a good parting gift and stumbled upon Friends of Irony. Funny how one friend recommended this website a few months ago, saying how she found the perfect gift for her cat-loving friend. I clicked on one link, and saw a collection of USMC rings for sale. Wow! I simply had to give it to him. Made of scratch-proof tungsten carbide? Sign me up.

I gave the ring to him on parting day, and he wore it just before sailing off. Two years later, we still see each other on Skype and whenever he has time off. He commented how tough the ring was, and how it was his favorite because it's still in very pristine condition with hardly a scratch! I knew I found the perfect gift to give to the perfect guy the moment I saw that ring. This is all thanks to Friends of Irony. Who knows, maybe the next time we meet, he'll show me a ring, one that's a sign of long-lasting commitment!

Written by: Wulf43

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