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  "Good Day! This is Nida Bejerano-Lawson RN BSN, a customer of Friends of Irony, and I have received an email from your site for featuring the RN ring on your new site. This is my RN ring which I ordered and I truly love it. My co fellow nurses especially RN's always give compliment on how pretty it is. It catches everybody's attention as it looks so fancy and elegant, even better it feels so nice around my finger. It is an epitome of beauty and class, it also reflects my commitment to my profession as I wear it...

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  "I love wearing this ring! Good weight, very durable, and visually appealing. I usually do not wear any accessories, but this ring is something else! As a health professional, I enjoy having the opportunity of representing the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department with the Star of Life logo on the ring. My girlfriend loves it so much too, she wears it more often than I do (as pictured)! I recommend this ring to everyone. Aloha!" - Eddie T. of Hawaii 2/22/2016   Click here for => Black Tungsten Medical Ring

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If you're a person who grew up dreaming and hoping all their fantasies come true someday, then you will know that dating a firefighter is one of those seemingly unreachable fantasies. Ironically, this fantasy actually ranks up among the top in people's checklist, maybe sandwiched in between hoping to find your prince or the other way around, who takes you away to their kingdom to live happily ever after, and one where all the world's shoes are yours for the taking. Maybe even save China on your way to their grand kingdom. Since we know this is somewhat impossible in...

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 "We picked out this matching set because we've never seen such a beautiful design well protected in tungsten carbide!"       - Tim & Rose of Californina 2/22/2016     Click here for => Dragon Collection Items

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  "Great quality! Very, very pleased. Comfort fit. I'm married to my career, this is my nurse wedding ring."  - Michael of Mississippi  2/17/2016     Click here for => Nurse Collection Items   

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