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I have been noticing lately that something isn’t right. It might seem like the stock market continuously breaking new heights but our national debt continuously compounds like a ticking time bomb.

Our government has to continually meet to raise the debt ceiling otherwise the government grinds to a halt. As they have to meet more and more often I believe that when they have to meet every month, to every week, to every day because of how fast compound interest catches up to you. The government will probably be too busy other than to continuously raise the debt limit to unimaginable heights.

Whether I’m right or not we all have this feeling of something is wrong and we need to go back to the basics to prepare when it does happen.

We’ll be covering areas such as home protection, conceal carry, homesteading, farming, business, and health.

I plan on sharing all the information I can and know to help you and your family prepare.

I value my family a lot so I want to spend as much time with them as we can. I know that everyone’s in economic slavery. Whether you are enslaved to your mortgage or just having a hard time scraping by. I want to share and teach ways that you can start building an asset that would make money on its own so you don’t always have to go out day in and day out to do the grind.

I’ll do my best to write. I don’t proof read my stuff very much but I’ll work on doing that more often to serve you and provide you as much value as I can.

I’ll have a couple of people on my team to help me with building this site to serve you. I also need your feedback to tell me what you want help on so I can serve you in a way that matters most to you.

We also specialize in creating custom design tungsten rings. We will be rolling that out soon but as for now you’ll be able to find our products on amazon with the link below. If you have any suggestions please send us an email through our Contact Us page.

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