8 Weirdest Guns Humans Ever Used, You Wouldn’t Believe They Exist!

Whoever made these guns got some really good imagination :)

Anyone you ask pretty much knows how a gun works and looks like. A modern handgun has three parts. First is the ACTION, also known as the trigger group, contains the part that fires the cartridges. Second is the FRAME, it is a metal housing that also serves as the handle (grip) of the gun. Third is the BARREL, it is the metal tube that the bullet travels through.

What if I tell you that a gun without a barrel existed? Or perhaps a gun with 12 barrels? How about a  cellphone gun? It’s weird, but they’re REAL. They’re so weird you wouldn’t believe it until you see one.


The Duck’s Foot Pistol

The duck’s foot pistol, so named because its four splayed barrels were shaped like the foot of a duck (back in the 18th century, when ducks were gargantuan, terrifying steampunk monstrosities with pistols for toes), was designed to take on large groups at close range. It was most popular with officers on sailing ships, who often carried a pair of them to, uh, “discourage” potential mutineers in the cramped quarters.

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