5 Survival Firearms to have when SHTF.

What do you think makes a good survival gun?

When disaster hits, a good firearm can help save your life. In times like this, what good are your survival skills and survival kits if you don’t have at least one gun to protect yourself and your family? Having firearms will help you hunt food and defend yourself.

There are lots of guns available out there and if you’re not gun savvy, you wouldn’t really know which one to get. You would probably think they all look the same and they do the same thing anyway, right? That is why we have created a list to help you which firearms to get and which one would better suit your needs depending on what type of disaster hit you. What if you get lost in the woods? Or you’re probably thinking about apocalypse or end of times? We got you covered.



Glock 17 9mm

Handguns give you the element of surprise and convenient protection. Perhaps the most useful handgun to have in preparation for the SHTF is the Glock 17.  It weighs in at 32 ounces with a full magazine of 17 rounds. The heavier overall weight means reduced recoil, making this handgun a great choice for new shooters.



Remington 700

Remington touts their 700 model as the most versatile line of rifles on the market. Also, perimeter defense means keeping the bad guys away from your people. The “three ring” bolt is a virtually unchanged design from the 70s and claims to offer the most strength and support to larger caliber cartridges. It does tend to provide 700 users with exceptional accuracy out of the box.


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